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At Sanders we can place your Development Project through our network of lenders. These lenders are typically non high street institutions, small challenger banks, peer to peer groups or niche market lenders. Due to our diverse panel we can finance pretty much any type of property or portfolio and also consider borrowers who have had previous financial strains or judgements.

In this section, you can have a look at some typical scenarios. We update our rates and products regularly to reflect the current market appetite and risk exposure.

Our favoured way of supporting developments and construction is by providing a percentage of the Gross Development Value (GDV), rather than funding specific costs. So we will fund up to 70% of the final sales price of the whole development. This will then be released in tranches from the original site acquisition through to the final construction phase.

Developers need to ensure and demonstrate that the total costs for site, planning, legals, fees, construction, selling costs etc. can be met by the agreed percentage of the Gross Development Value (GDV) which represents the full final selling price of all of the units.

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